And the award goes to . . . .

It’s that time of year again – award’s season. The Hugo nominees have been announced and, in Canada, the Prix Aurora Award nominees have been announced.

For those who have voting privileges this means (potentially) a lot of reading. At least, to my mind, voting responsibly means having read all of the nominees. The Auroras have already released the Voter’s Packet, an exciting electronic package that contains a selection of most of the candidates’ works so that voters can choose intelligently.

The cost of joining to vote for the Auroras and the Hugos is so much cheaper than buying the individual eBooks that many fans choose the memberships just for this reason, but we also need to remember that this is the one time our voice is heard. We have the opportunity to say THIS is what we value. You are deserving of our honour.

This year the Hugos have also attracted their fair share of controversy. Should the entire Wheel of Time series be allowed to be nominated? (for my part, will I be able to read the entire series in time? I’ll try to at least read a representative sample)

So, for those who are wondering, here is a link to what we think are representative of the World’s best SF&F books this year: and a link to what we think are representative of Canada’s best SF&F this year:

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